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Get More Customers By “Flipping” Off Your Brand

Welcome to the future! Get comfortable and let Creative Pages flip page publishing show you around. Creative Pages is a digital publishing company that is ready to offer you a ticket around the world! The world wide web that is.

With all of the time, effort, and creativity that has gone into your printed promotions does it not only deserve, but need to have the most comprehensive exposure available?

A Comfortable Space

Whether you consider yourself a gadget junkie or you prefer your newspaper delivered and your books with binding one thing is indisputable, we all gravitate towards what we are comfortable with. As you read these words there are millions online right now “comfortably” searching and shopping! These Millions are your potential customers! Creative Pages can help you make your online customers comfortable with some of the features that we offer. Things that are standard on the web pages they visit already. So, they will already know their way around your “store” on the first visit.

Building A Storefront Online

By allowing us to help you transform your catalogs, brochures, magazine, book, or existing site into a digital architectural wonder we can filter an entire world of people your way. Getting your product, service, and/or brand in front of many more people than otherwise possible. Tackling this angle of marketing is almost essential to success.

Staffing Your Storefront

Not only will we help construct your storefront, but we will staff it too.

Employee 1: Search Engine Optimization. SEO using keywords will act as marketing billboards. Guiding and directing traffic to your content. The benefits of social media are also used for this.

Employee 2: Google Analytics. Although you won’t physically be at your store you will know what has gone on there. Google Analytics allows you to track the number of visitors to your publication, how long they were there, and what they did. It enables you to see what is working well.

Employee 3: Publication Protection. This is your security. You have full access and control. Make things as open or secure as you would like!

All of that and no building permit required. Let the construction begin with Flip Page Publishing!

Knowledge + Security = Peace of Mind!

For nearly the last two decades Abir INV Global Security Services has worked hard becoming the foremost authority in a variety of extensive security solutions. From individuals and small businesses to large corporations and government agencies, our team of experts along with our global partners can customize a package or provide service and consultation specifically tailored to any security concerns that you may be facing.

Start With Security Consultation

We take your security needs as seriously as you do. The proof is in the consultation. Abir Global implements an approach that incorporates our clients into every step of the process! Whether you are in need of personal security, protection from fraud, employee security training, or much more, we can guarantee a new sense of security with our services.

Not Sure? Test it!

Our top of the line, advanced polygraph machines can help with any number of things that you, your company, or ageny need help in validating. Our polygraph institution can ensure an ethical, dicreet screening. A full detailed report will be presented upon completion that will help to provide vital, useful information regarding the decisions you may be facing.

We Get You the Answers You Need

Only the elite training and expansive experience of our “in house” investigators can get you the information you seek. Our staff has served in high ranking positions wthin corporate, military, law enforcement, and private sectors carrying along with them all the collective knowledge and expertise.

Watch it

Using the most up to date technology Abir Global Security can design and install the most effective systems. From the simplest to most elaborate possible.

Everyone’s War

C-TPAT(Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
C-TPAT is a voluntary program with its focus being the highest level of security in their supply chain. 10,000 + members have already been certified. This voluntary program is thought to eventually become mandatory. Avoid losing potential business by opting into this program before hand, helping to increase security and safety worldwide.


Zermatt, Switzerland is world-renowned for its amazing skiing, as well as its top-tier rental accommodations. If you want a Swiss Alps skiing holiday that is memorable and so enjoyable, you’ll find that choosing from a range of Zermatt apartments is the key to accessing superlative comfort and a host of appealing amenities.

Before my last holiday in this scenic area, I browsed the World Wide Web, looking for the most impressive Zermatt apartments. After choosing my favorite, I flew into the region, prepared to enjoy the best skiing vacation of my life.

Because I spent some time selecting a rental chalet that featured a beautiful fireplace, three bedrooms and an eat-in kitchen (the residence was situated just moments from the ski slopes!), I was able to enjoy incredible convenience and luxury during my getaway. Those who shared my chalet with me were dazzled by its features and design, as well as its cleanliness and functional layout.

If you want superior skiing and the ultimate chalet or rental apartment experience, do what I did and look for the best Zermatt apartments online. By choosing a rental property that suits your budget and preferences, from a reputable rental agency, you’ll be able to enjoy wonderful skiing and the most fulfilling après-ski experience.